Baby in the Oven

  • Baby in the Oven
    Vulture Whale
    Vulture Whale
    Skybucket Records

  • Directed by David Svedosh & Phillip Dorling
    Director of Photography and Editing - Aleksandar Kosutic
    VicArt Entertainment


  • PoaPost Pitch Video

  • Shot and Cut by David Svedosh
    Produced for PoaPost

    with special thanks to the
    School of International and Public Affairs
    at Columbia University

    Dr. Zeus Productions

Lucky Ricochet

  • Lucky Ricochet
    The Karma Exchange
    Neon Translation

  • Directed by David Svedosh
    Edited by Michael Feldman
    Dr. Zeus Productions

  • Official Selection:
    Brooklyn Film Festival, 2014

Lucy in the Sky

  • Lucy in the Sky

  • Written and directed by David Svedosh
    Cinematography by Timothy Nuttall

  • Her lover, her husband, ... her memory. Two men struggle for the legacy of the woman they loved.

    Based on the novel "Thanksgiving" by Michael Dibdin

    "Best Short Film” Indie Spirit Film Festival 2009

Send My Regards

  • Send My Regards
    Karma Exchange
    Neon Translation

  • Directed by David Svedosh

  • Footage taken from Harry Smith's
    "Heaven and Earth Magic"

Cold Pillow

  • Cold Pillow
    Theophilus London
    ft. Jesse Boykins III
    (Produced by Ruckazoid)
    This Charming Mixtape

  • Directed by David Svedosh

  • Copyright FAM Productions
    R.I.P. Verdery Knights


  • Goooo Spec Video

  • Directed by David Svedosh
    Edited by Dave Kaufman
    Dr. Zeus Productions

Slim Promo

  • Slim Promo
    Greene Ave Tattoo

  • Directed and edited by David Svedosh

  • This was a promo I edited for Greene Ave Tattoo artist Slim while shooting a documentary television pilot for the shop. The pilot is coming soon.

An Altered State

  • An Altered State
    In Production, December 2012

  • A short film directed and photographed by David Svedosh primarily in the infrared spectrum.

  • This short is a scenic dreamscape in which one man wanders around a park during the afternoon, and finds himself becoming increasingly out of touch with reality.


  • Pantyhose
    Jesse Boykins III
    The Beauty Created

  • Directed by Woo & FAM Productions

  • Number 4 on Weekly Countdown:
    BETJazz March 6-20, 2009